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Topographical Surveys


A detailed topographical survey of the site and surroundings areas, as required and accessible, to include road/kerb lines, adjacent fields and structures, existing services and all salient features. Consistent levels, for ground, boundary wall heights, ridges and eaves, and any other specified requirements.

Building Elevations


Detailed elevations illustrating all building features, to include any stonework/banding, framework/glazing, gutters, fascias, downpipes, vents/air bricks or any other significant feature.

Internal Surveys


Concise internal plans, establishing the internal layout of the building at each level.  All wall lines are shown, with openings, frame detail, door swings and reveal/window detail.  All internal floor, ceiling, head and sill heights are stated relevant to the site datum.  The utility and vanity units are also illustrated, to assist in the location of existing soil and vent pipes and drainage.  Radiator/Electrical units and sockets may also be surveyed if there is a requirement.

Setting Out


After establishing a base control, relative to architectural design drawings, and adopting a co-ordinated system.  Our aim is to set the co-ordinated points out in the physical on site, to enable a contractor to undertake the works required.  We set out pile centres, reduce dig areas, ground beams, concrete slabs, blockwork/timber structure lines and all external works.  We will work closely with the trade requiring the information to ensure we are able to meet their needs.  We are also able to set a site datum, relative to design, which may be use for the duration on the job.

Boundary Surveys


The transfer of GPS data from a geodetic station.  This enables a GPS record for Definitive Boundary.  This method of record does not disappear in the undergrowth, unlike the old boundary stone method.



Monitoring structures or rockfaces for evidence of movement or subsidence.  We set up a target system, which is surveyed on a regular basis in three dimensions.  The frequency would depend on any natural movement/works done in a close proximity.  The data would be produced in spread sheet format.  Any serious movement, or potential risks, would be reported immediately.

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